About The Book

Surely you know by now that it is not easy being you, many times we hear people say that you should be you 100%, because you are best at being yourself.
There are times in life when we just wish we were someone else, we look at people and think how wonderful their life is, and sometimes that is exactly how people see our life – through rose coloured windows and this can be so far from the truth.

Would you really want to change your life for someone else’s ‘lovely’ looking life when you don’t really know what goes on in their head, heart and home? Of course not.
Many human beings have a sad story to tell, no matter where you come from, there are very few people in this world that have not been through hard times.

You only have to look at Princess Diana – it was reported once that she was the most beautiful, photographed and followed woman in the world. Married to a Prince and was due to be the Queen of England. She was definitely the most envied woman in the world – well sort of – Prince Charles was much older than her and as I recall, Lady Diana Spencer got married in her prime at the tender age of 20, whilst Prince Charles was already 32.
The world was so excited for them both, but it wasn’t long before the cracks started showing, as we know now that Prince Charles wasn’t in love at all with Princess Diana. He married her because she was wife material, she didn’t have any negative things attached to her name, which was good for the royals. They considered her worthy of marrying the Prince and of course being the mother of future heirs.

It wasn’t long after that Princess Diana became lonely in her heart, longing for the man she loved and married. He was in love with someone else and this broke her.

Just in the same way we look at other people’s life and think it is all a bed of roses, others are looking at you thinking the same.

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