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ClauDieon naturally developed the chutzpah to raise two bereaved children in the dawning of the 21st century. Visually daunting to the on-looker, ClauDieon’s tenacity to love, whilst nurturing their minds to believe they’re not simply a single-parent statistic, but instead – influential leaders in the making, has produced two focused university students.

ClauDieon’s passion for singing has permitted her to perform across European platforms and briefly internationally, as a backing vocalist. Her love of literature and reading, has consumed many of her ‘free’ hours.

She spent a number of years working as an Outdoor Clerk attending court hearings with clients who had faced similar situations she had endured, in litigation. Using her empathy, wisdom and negative experience of being in the court system, she empowered others to stand strong.
She is now finally coming into her own and is excited about her future, working towards new literary goals and waiting for her phone to ring with her next interview segment…

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