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Jacqueline Francis



Jacqueline Francis is a teacher, businesswoman, mentor and a writer of poems. She graduated from the University of Westminster in 2003. In 2005 she graduated from the University of Greenwich attaining her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

Jacqueline has over ten years experience as a teacher. Her enthusiasm took her to Canada in 2011, where she herself studied and taught English to foreign students.
On her return to the UK in 2012, she set about restructuring her business she’d started 14 years ago and still continues to manage today.

In 2015, she rekindled her passion for reading books and tried her hand at writing poetry. In late 2015, she successfully had one of her poems published in an anthology called, Contrasting Visions.
Jacqueline’s story sets about illustrating what transpired when she became:

  • Ostracised and estranged from her siblings.
  • The rifts that can derive from duplicitous behaviour of siblings.
  • The impact that it had on the rest of the family.
  • Overcoming estrangement & ostracism.

She also underlines the emotional turmoil such as anger, sadness and grief of being rejected. Her story is unique because it highlights sibling envy and jealousy that did not originate from her childhood, nor from the competitiveness of parents as some people often suggests.

Jacqueline hopes that by putting pen to paper, she can create a platform to inspire others to have an open conversation about ostracism and estrangement and how dealing with envy and jealousy can easily be overcome.

Jacqueline grew up in Harlesden, in North West London, but now resides with her family in Ealing.

To Learn more about Jacqueline please contact her at:

Website : www.jacqueline-francis.com
Email : info@jacqueline-francis.com
Instagram : jacquelinefrancis17
Twitter : @jackyfrancis
Facebook : jacquelinebfrancis

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