‘Levi Roots’

A few years ago Sonia Poleon invited me to her radio show to speak about my businesses and the creation of my brand Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce Ltd. I was later invited to her TV show to tell my life story: from Jamaica to the Uk. Sonia impressed upon me her passion for helping others and being someone willing to listen to others and theirs stories.

I explained to Sonia that I always wanted to make it as a musician, not as a creator of sauces, food and drink. But my dreams of hitting the top of the pop charts never materialised and I ended up in my kitchen making sauces instead of a life on the stage. Sooner or later each of us comes to a point, where we realise that we need to make changes. At times we can get stuck into a comfort zone, as I did with my music and not realise we need to make changes. Life is hard, and our experiences can often make us unable to see the wood because of all the trees in front of us.
We don’t always realise just how much stronger our inner self is, and we often don’t know that we are truly unbreakable until we are tested. Whenever we get to know ourselves it is only then we get a true sense of how powerful our spirit really is. Sometimes it takes us a while to find our true potential.

Do you think diamonds are found the way they are? For us to put so much value on diamonds and other precious metals they have to go through extreme pressures. So in order for us to shine like a diamond, one at times must always feel and experience extreme life pressures in order to mould and value ourselves. This is exactly what the co-authors of this book went through.
Taking the saying “whatever doesn’t break you, will surely make you stronger” as a source of inspiration and a lifestyle, the authors of these moving and inspiring stories have all decided to put their own experiences together and create this book. Blind Spot is about the power and strength of their spirits.

Each of the stories has been accurately compiled and became links of a chain, without which the book wouldn’t be complete. The stories are based on the lives of extraordinary people who decided to share their life story with thousands of people who could be in need of inspiration. They want to remind the world that no past circumstances should prevent us from having the bright future we dream about.

The heroes of this book wants to remind us that “There is no such thing as mistakes, its all about the feedback and what we learn from picking ourselves up dusting down and going again”. There are so many people who are in need of someone who would just hold their hands and remind them that they can be the best of themselves. Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others, its because we are all different why each of us are special. Don’t set your goals by what others deem important.
Going through each chapter of this book, try to remember that big problems can also turn into keys to big successes. More love LR

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