Tanganyika is an Advocate and Consultant in the cannabis industry, and is the CEO of cannabis brand Jayn Green that offers all natural skincare products to the masses.

Tanganyika is an Author, Videographer, plus more but her most important title is United States Marine Corps Veteran. Tanganyika uses the plant to combat the symptoms of PTSD, stress, and physical ailments suffered while in combat. She is the Co-Founder of Marine Qweenz a non-profit whose mission is to improve, educate, empower, and inspire other Veterans to overcome the residuals of serving.

Tanganyika is an Art Institute of Washington graduate, Black Enterprise, Women Grow, NAACP and phenomenal Public Speaker. She currently resides in Pasadena, California.

Get to know Tanganyika more at
Website: www.marineqweenz.com
Periscope: @_JaynGreen
Instagram: _JaynGreen

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