Toniaamaka Chrisokere
Toniaamaka Chrisokere



Toniaamaka is a mother of four beautiful children who all have sickle cell. She’s home schooled by God Himself. It is the many challenges he created in her life, that he’s used to transform her life and empowering her to impact lives. She is the founder of ‘Everlasting Truth’ and ‘Hell Is Shut Forever’ which she’s been teaching through her online presence for almost three years now.

‘Hell Is Shut Forever’ is EXCLUSIVE to her. She is taught and authorised by the Everlasting Living Progressive Ageless King who created everyone and everything and loves all his creatures with an IRREVOCABLE love that’s why hell is shut forever because everyone and anyone is RELEVANT.

Toniaamaka Chrisokere was recently nominated as one of the finalist for the best mother of the year 2017 by Women4Africa. Women4africa is an awarding body that celebrates African women who are doing amazing.

She’s been on Faith TV to share her story and struggles on questions in the heart with Praise Funmi. As the only earth resident authorised to declare the second coming of Christ Jesus an outdated information, to liberate minds from waiting for rapture and start living the victorious lifestyle already paid by Christ Jesus over 2000 years ago.
She has also been on Pauline Long Show on Ben TV to share her story on Mental Health and the domestic abuse she suffered. She is also a part of the panel on This Or That on The Pauline Long Show on Ben TV.

She studied Secretarial Administration after leaving high school and worked at an oil company back in Nigeria, Globestar, which is a subsidiary company of Stolt offshore. She’s been a homemaker caring for her young ones.

She’s done several courses; ABC Counselling course Level 1 and 2, Springboard for Women Returners, Parenting Puzzle Nurturing Programme, Office and Business Communication Process, Customer Service Course.
She’s an eloquent woman and was picked by the Children’s Society to accompany them to convince the council to continue to fund their services in 2012 and her input made a positive impact.

Springboard for Women Returners also requested for input to also speak on their behalf for their funding to continue and was successful.

She’s established a change no creature can revoke. And has been raising awareness of her work to liberate minds from the many lies we inherited from the previous generations through culture and religion.
She’s a game changer and she’s delivered without sentiments or apologies ever since her self discovery and acceptance.

She’s a free spirit nobody can cage or limit because she uses her energy to navigate and attract what she believes she deserves, through helping the dreams of others become a reality by offering practical support.

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