Valerie Kudjoe
Valerie Kudjoe



Valerie is a co-author and proof-reader has worked as an administrator for over 20 years. She has also worked in event management, organising weddings, birthday celebrations, conferences and other events.

Valerie has a BA Honours in Fine Art and has gained certificates in business administration. She has a very good command of the English language and is regularly sought as a proof-reader and editor for books, magazines and other literary productions on an international level.

Valerie has a passion to help young women be confident and achieve great things in life. She has worked for charities delivering projects for teenagers providing educational support through music, dance, drama and media.

Valerie currently juggles her time between office work, being the wife of a Pastor, mother of a young son and working with teenage girls at the church she attends mentoring them through their formative years. As vice-president of the church’s Women’s department, she engages in many other duties including counselling, teaching and encouraging the women, helping them to identify their gifts and the ways in which they can utilise them to become all that they were created to be.

In her rare, precious moments of spare time Valerie enjoys travelling, reading and photography.

To learn more about the work Valerie does you may contact her at:

Facebook: Valerie Kudjoe

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