Windel Donaldson
Windel Donaldson

A Preacher, Singer/Songwriter and an Independent Business Owner, who loves to engage with liked minded people like himself.

I was raised by my Grandmother; she was the rock of my life. I left home before I was twelve years of age and I never looked back. I love to travel and spend time seeing the world.
I’m a people’s person and love to see everyone prosper in life, by helping others to dig deep down inside and pull out their God given talents that are awaiting to enrich your life.
I have worked in many different establishments over the years and I am loved by everyone who gets to know me.
I am a husband and father of five children.
To learn more about Windel contact him:
Facebook: Windel Donaldson
TEL. (44) 0203 289 7727

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